A connected routine builder

For kids
2-5 years

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Smart Teddy was designed especially

for toddlers and preschoolers

to turn the world discovery process into a game

How is Smart Teddy different from average talking plushy?

routine builder

8 exciting daily tasks from waking up to getting ready for bed

  • Routines that will help to achieve healthier lifestyle
  • Suitable for different age groups
  • Power up your parenting game throughout the day

Hygiene coach

4 game changing activities
to in-still good self-care hygiene practices

  • Encourage your little ones to be excited about tooth brushing, washing face or hands
  • Get a helping paw in explaining the importance of hygiene

Professional storyteller

21 daytime & 7 bedtime stories
and poems

  • Teddy helps to develop critical thinking skills by reflecting on the ideas from stories
  • Encourage child's imagination and support speech development

Bedtime reinventor

7 bedtime stories and 3 soothing lullabies for the sweetest dreams

  • Get help with the transition process from active day to bed
  • Extremely soft and perfect for cuddles
  • Built a coherent night routine with Teddy’s help

Get yourself
a helping paw
and a best friend
for your kid!

A connected routine builder for just $99.99

How it’s built

He’s a genius
who likes to cuddle

A control unit inside the Smart Teddy connects it to the app and powers the paws. He’s a hi-tech teddy bear who loves hugs.

Parents control with My Smart Teddy App

The app connects with your Smart Teddy and unveils his full potential. Schedule an alarm, activate a scenario, check out a new content update and more.

Kids control with interactive paws

Interactive paws are the key
to a child's independent play: listen to fairy tales, learn cool facts and activate exciting experiences. The fun never ends.

No cam

No mic

No ads

Data storage

in-app tracking

From waking up
to bedtime, potty training
to calming down

Smart Teddy is ready to guide your little one to help them to make decisions that promote
a healthier, happy lifestyle.

You won’t believe how easy it is

Choose the activity,
for example,
“Tidy up”

Smart Teddy asks kid and... Wow!
Kid actually does it!

It’s like a magical switch is flipped and kids suddenly follow all directions that typically come with a protest or slow feet.

Independent play
is encouraged with
Teddy's Interactive

4 interactive stickers are included in the box

Put the stickers up around the house

so that your child can learn to activate and do these activities
on their own:

set in the bathroom to brush teeth

stick to a wall to workout

place by the bed to listen to stories at bedtime

put in the kid’s room to listen to fun facts

Get yourself
a helping paw
and a best friend
for your kid!

A connected routine builder for just $99.99

Early learning sets

Our little explorers can discover such disciplines like basic math, emotions and animal kingdom.

With these sets they can develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence and learn about the outside world and its inhabitants.

Smart Teddy’s
the real deal

It’s a very well-thought out toy
with educational and routine-building components

by the Mom’s Choice Awards

Unlock and enjoy additional features and content with
our Smart Teddy Plus subscription plan.

35+ vs 12
Basic plan

More daily activities Praises to motivate Automatic scheduling

65+ vs 28
Basic plan

Wider library of stories More songs & lullabies Unlimited Favorites

10+ vs 1
Basic plan

Educational games Riddles Themes of weeks


Motion Sensor  Holiday edition content New content releases every week

Meet our experts!

Meghan McEnery


Meghan creates fun and engaging dialogues for Smart Teddy. She is a kids playwright, her plays have been successfully developed in New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles.


Educational consultant

Jackie is passionate about child development and early childhood education. As a parent of two and specialist of early development, she created a psychological course for parents.

Someone has already asked that

What is the best appropriate age for Smart Teddy?

Every child is different, so as any particular family needs, but we recommend parents to start integrate Smart Teddy as a routine builder at 3+ years old.

Why do I need the app?

Our app will help you to control and manage Smart Teddy’s content and features. You can download My Smart Teddy app in the AppStore or Google Play Market.

How is Smart Teddy safe?

Smart Teddy was made for kids and we care about safety a lot. He doesn’t have mic or camera, there are no ads and our content is created together with early development specialists.

Can children play with Smart Teddy independently?

Yes! Teddy comes with 4 interactive stickers with different activities, all Teddy’s paws are active, so you child can learn self-care and play independently

What is Smart Teddy Plus?

Smart Teddy Plus is our subscription plan that unlocks more games, activities, library, theme and festive content, and product features such as Schedule Set Up or motion sensor as well.