Meet Smart Teddy
A connected soft toy that helps parents teach and engage their kids as well as develop good habits

Cheerful Coach to Keep Your Child Active!


15 coached activities for your child for the whole day - from waking up to going to bed.
Smart Teddy teaches your child good habits and manners.
Smart Teddy does a lot more than keep your child busy—he actively guides them towards healthy, positive activities.
Using our innovative system of prompts, you can choose an activity and have Smart Teddy lead your child through it.
How it works

Offer a Real World Alternative to a Tablet or Smartphone


Learn poems and nursery rhymes.
Prepare for school with ABC and numbers games.
Develop critical thinking skills.
A super-smart device hides inside the fluff of this beloved stuffed animal.

Smart Teddy is fun and interactive, but doesn't use a screen and won't encourage overexcitement.
Even without a screen, your child and Smart Teddy can:

Get a Break with the Help of Smart Teddy


More than 25 stories and fairytales (different tales for each day of the week).
Riddles and seasonal fun facts.
The fun and silly Weird Word game teaches similarities and differences in a game parents control through the Smart Teddy app.
Smart Teddy can interact with your child whenever you want to take a break. Take a moment for yourself as your kid interacts with Smart Teddy or gets drawn into an exciting story. No need to select or upload any content. Our automatic updates have your covered.

Smart Teddy
is available now!

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Easy to Use, Easy to Love

Controls for Children: buttons on paws
Super Paws
There is no button in the paw, but if you attach it to the sticker, magic happens: Smart Teddy teaches kids how to brush their teeth or exercise.
For each day of the week, Smart Teddy has a unique assortment of fairy tales, poems, and stories. By pressing the button, your child can listen to the fairy tale an unlimited number of times.
Choose three fairy tales to add to your favorites, and Smart Teddy will tell them regardless of the day of the week.
Smart Teddy's Radio
The button brings up cute phrases and interesting facts. In the spring, Smart Teddy will explain who usually wakes up the bears, and in the summer, he will teach you how to memorize the colors of the rainbow.

Press to play the record
Place the stickers around the house in the most convenient places for the baby: a tooth in the bathroom, the moon by the crib. With stickers, the child becomes more independent.
Chat time

Bedtime story
Workout pal
Brushing champ

Interactive Stickers

Controls for Adults:
Very convenient mobile app

Smart Teddy has an app, but it's just for parents. But shhh! Don't let the kid know that you and Smart Teddy are at the#ndsp;same time.
Control Smart teddy, but keep it a secret.

Keep your child busy with activities
He will suggest removing the toys, remind your child of polite words, and if something disturbs the baby, he will advise share it with the parents.
Choose fairy tales from the library
Turn on fairy tales yourself or add to favorites so that the child has quick access to the most favorite stories.
Play and teach
Use Smart Teddy to help your child to learn letters and numbers or answer riddles.
Our Story
The first Smart Teddies launch in Europe. This flexible new toy updates content regularly, so that Smart Teddy grows and changes with the kids who come to love him.
Over 10,000 Smart Teddies are sold. This growing bear crew promotes fun, learning, and good habits.
Smart Teddy is coming to the United States to be part of your family, a helpful friend for both parents and kids.
The Smart Teddy concept is born. Our CEOs begin development.
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