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Pick up useful skills

Smart Teddy is always up-to-date!

He will help your baby to adjust to daycare, stay hydrated or get used to a new baby joining the family, just to name a few.


Beloved stories with a twist

We went further and upgraded our favorite fairy tales to fit the modern reality.

The stories provide a screen-free entertaining experience, boosting your kids imagination.






Make learning exciting

Smart Teddy never stops learning new stuff to help your baby in more and more ways.

Smart Teddy turns learning into a fun game. He can already help with ABCs, basic math, safety rules, logic, and imagination development.


Expand your kids’ horizon

Regularly we release theme week covering different topics, from pets to famous people.

During the whole week your little one will listen to the stories, poems, solve riddles dedicated to this topic.

Your kid can activate Theme Weeks by simply touching the sticker (find it in the box) with Smart Teddy's Super Paw.

Theme weeks

Let's celebrate!

Holiday edition activities Fun Facts
Traditional and never heard before fairytales Educational games special edition

See example

Mother's day

Story: Plumwise and the Pixies
Activity: Draw a picture to your mom
Poem: Stay Calm, Mom!

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