Meet Smart Teddy
A connected soft toy that helps parents teach and engage their kids as well as develop good habits

Smart Teddy can:

Teach good habits and skills


15 activities that will keep your child busy for the whole day - from waking up to going to bed.
Different voice options allow you to motivate your child daily in a new way.
Tasks are activated by the parent with one click in the app.
Smart Teddy was developed with the help of psychologists and methodologists.
Smart Teddy turns everything into a game, getting children to wash their hands, teeth brushing, exercise and even put away the toys - your child's new plush friend transforms mundane things into something exciting!
Children brush their teeth for 3 minutes.
Smart Teddy tells you how to clean properly, praises, jokes, and fills in the pauses with verses to help the child keep to the allotted time.

Press to play the record

Become an alternative to a tablet and a smartphone


Smart Teddy is a dynamic modern gadget, without a screen.
The child can play with Smart Teddy by pressing the buttons on its paws or touching the paws to the interactive stickers.
Smart Teddy app is for parents use only.
The content is tailored to be age appropriate.
We transformed our smart gadget in the traditional beloved form of a plush toy.

Now you can keep busy your child without a smartphone or tablet. Smart Teddy is just as fun and interactive, but doesn't have a screen and so doesn't overexcite the child.

Smart Teddy will prepare the child for bed and tell a bedtime story. Smart Teddy does it so well that not only children, but also adults can fall asleep easily.

Lulls your child to sleep


Press to play the record

The bedtime story is 5 to 20 minutes long.
We divide the longest into several parts: the children are waiting for the continuation and are more willing to go to bed.
Smart Teddy knows what time it is, so he will not tell a bedtime story during the day: he will ask to wait until evening and suggest other activities.
Bathing and getting ready for bed activities establishes the end-of-the-day routine.
The child can turn on the daily bedtime story by holding the Bear's paw up to a special sticker.

Seasonal Content


For example, he'll know what time of year it is and offer your child appropriate seasonal content. For example, Smart Teddy will tell your child about harvest time and why birds fly south in the fall! When it is the Holiday season, Smart Teddy will sing Christmas carols or help to write a letter to Santa Claus.
Here at Smart Teddy, we don't believe in "let the buyer beware" or selling toys "as is—" we've made a commitment to you and your family, and that means Smart Teddy will keep getting better even after you take him home.

Smart Teddy is on its way!

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We are expecting him to arrive by 18th of June and now we have 2 options for you:

Smart Teddy can be useful in different ways: it teaches letters and numbers, develops cognition and reasoning and motivates the child to be more independent. All this will come in handy in elementary school.

Help to prepare for school


Educational games involving letters and numbers.
Development of logic and reasoning, playing with riddles and discussing the fairy tales.
Regularly completing Smart Teddy's assignments forms beneficial habits and fosters independence.
ABC and Numbers

Smart Teddy describes letters and numbers and offers to find the one you need, and the parents choose in the application whether the child answered correctly or not.
Smart Teddy does not get annoyed, does not raise his voice, repeats the tasks over and over in a different ways. And he praises in such a way that he will inspire anyone. So the child earns new things at comfortable pace.
Critical thinking and Logic

Smart Teddy knows two dozen riddles about everything. Each of them has two clues - also in the form of riddles.

After telling the fairy tale, Smart Teddy invites your child to think about what story was about. Smart Teddy has several epilogues for different tales to analyze the content from different angles.

Give parents a break


You can catch a breath or devote some time to yourself while the child interacts with Smart Teddy or gets absorbed in a fairy tale. No need to select or upload any content. We've done it for you.
Each day comes with a selection of stories and poems, which the child can listen to endlessly.
The child can activate Smart Teddy himself by squeezing the paws - each assigned its own function.
Content refreshes automatically over Wi-Fi

Easy to Use, Easy to Love

Controls for Children: buttons on paws
Super Paws
There is no button in the paw, but if you attach it to the sticker, magic happens: Smart Teddy teaches kids how to brush their teeth or exercise.
For each day of the week, Smart Teddy has a unique assortment of fairy tales, poems, and stories. By pressing the button, your child can listen to the fairy tale an unlimited number of times.
Choose three fairy tales to add to your favorites, and Smart Teddy will tell them regardless of the day of the week.
Smart Teddy's Radio
The button brings up cute phrases and interesting facts. In the spring, Smart Teddy will explain who usually wakes up the bears, and in the summer, he will teach you how to memorize the colors of the rainbow.

Press to play the record
Place the stickers around the house in the most convenient places for the baby: a tooth in the bathroom, the moon by the crib. With stickers, the child becomes more independent.
Chat time

Bedtime story
Workout pal
Brushing champ

Interactive stickers

Controls for Adults:
Very convenient mobile app

Smart Teddy has an app, but it's just for parents. But shhh! Don't let the kid know that you and Smart Teddy are at the#ndsp;same time.
Control Smart teddy, but keep it a secret.

Keep your child busy with activities
He will suggest removing the toys, remind your child of polite words, and if something disturbs the baby, he will advise share it with the parents.
Choose fairy tales from the library
Turn on fairy tales yourself or add to favorites so that the child has quick access to the most favorite stories.
Play and teach
Use Smart Teddy to help your child to learn letters and numbers or answer riddles.
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