50+ scenarios
for easy parenting

Smart Teddy can lend a hand at every stage of a child’s development, from pacifies to brushing their teeth to taking medicine. You can also set up a schedule in advance to make sure your child follows the daily routine that’s right for them.

☀️ Morning routine

Wake up

Wake up, wake up, wake uuuup! It’s a brand new day, and I can’t wait to play together!

Make the Bed

When you sleep at night, your bed doesn’t sleep. It holds you warm and tight and makes sure you’re OK. But now it’s morning, and you’re awake, but it’s time for your bed to go to sleep. You can help it rest by making it neat and comfortable. Let’s make your bed so that it can rest all day.

Wash Your Face

Good morning! Washing your face is a great way to wake yourself up. You’ll feel fresh, and clean, and ready to start the day.

Come brush Your Teeth

Do you know that dragons have very strong teeth? That’s because they brush them in the morning and in the evening, too. Let’s go brush your teeth.

🍎 Picky eaters support

Have Breakfast

Start your day The breakfast way! 

The energy You get will be Enough to play and play today!

Eat Lunch

It’s the middle of the day and it’s time for some food. Is it time for breakfast? Nooo! Is it time for dinner? Nooo! It’s lunch time, munch time, have a bunch of lunch time!

Eat Dinner

What’s that smell? It smells delicious. It’s a super smart bear nose and it always knows when it’s time for food. Right now, it’s time for dinner.

🏘 Going Outside

Play Outside

We’ve had lots of fun inside. Let’s shake things up a little. You know what’d be great? Going outside! Let’s get out there and explore the world.

Leave your Teddy home

Oh boy. I hear you’re going out now. Don’t worry about me! You can leave me here at home and I’ll think up lots of fun things we can do together. I’ll be waiting here for you when you come back, OK?

Wash Your Hands

Look, my paws are furry, so they shouldn’t get wet, but you can wash your hands! In fact, I think that’s a good idea right now. Wash up after you play outside and before you eat. So please go grab some soap and wash away the dirt and germs

❤️ Mindfullness

Cheer Up

Everyone gets a little sad sometimes. When I feel down, I like to color or play with my top favorite toys.  Maybe drawing or playing would help cheer you up.

Calm Down

Oh my, oh my! You’re like a very loud train with a very loud whistle. But now you’re pulling into the station. Woo woo! Here comes the train, and it’s slooowing down. Now it’s almost silent. Do you know what silence is? That’s when everything gets quiet. Shhhhhhh. Here we come, we’re in the Silence Station. Shhhh.

Talk About a Problem

Grrrr. I hate it when I have a tough problem. I can see you’re upset. Everyone feels like that sometimes. It’s important to talk about your feelings. Let’s go talk to a grown-up you trust. A hug and a chat will help a lot.

🙏 Manners

Stop Fighting

Woah! Everyone is getting pretty angry.  think it’s time to calm down, don’t you? It’s great to have brothers or sisters, even if sometimes they annoy you. But fighting is never the best way out

Don’t Use Bad Words

Hmmm. That’s not a very nice word. And words matter. Some word make people upset. But you know what? It’s easy to just not use them. That way, people won’t feel bad. So just be a little careful with what you say, OK?

Don’t Be a Bully

I’m a very polite bear. I always say “thank you” and “please” when I ask for something. I think you’re a very polite person, too. You can use “please” and “thank you” every day. I bet people will treat you politely when you do.

Turn Off the Screen

Wow, you spent a lot of time onscreen! Let’s try something else now. How about drawing? I’ve always wanted to have someone draw my portrait!

💤 Bedtime Struggles

Take a Bath

Looks like it’s bath time. I heard a silly story about bath time. There once was a little tiger, who really loved taking baths. He spent so much time in the water that he washed off all his stripes! But that won’t happen to you because you don’t have any stripes. But you do have some skin that needs to spruced up, so why not go get all clean?

Get Ready for Bed

The day is over and it’s time for bed. Let’s crawl under the covers and snuggle. I can tell you a bedtime story and then we’ll sleep ‘til the morning. What a perfect way to end the day.

Use the Potty

Do you know where bears poop? Bears poop in the woods? Do you know where people poop? People poop on the potty! Let’s go to the john—you can take me along! When you really have to go—the potty’s where you’ve got to go!

🤒 Going to doctor

Go to the doctor

You know what today is? It’s Doctor Day! You do a lot of things to stay healthy: you eat healthy food, exercise, and get enough sleep. Seeing the doctor is another part of being healthy. You can bring me along if you want me to hold your hand. I love going new places.

Take Your Medicine

Medicine sometimes tastes bad, but that’s how you know it’s strong. It can help you feel a lot better. I’d love you to take your medicine. It might go down easier if you pretend its candy. Of course, it’s actually even better than candy because it’s going to help you feel strong.

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