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What is the best appropriate age for Smart Teddy?

Every child is different, so as any particular family needs, but we recommend parents to start integrate Smart Teddy as a routine builder at 3+ years old.

Why do I need the app?

The app was created for parents to help them control the toy, its content and features. The app can also connect the Teddy to a home Wi-Fi network so it can download updates. You can download My Smart Teddy app in the AppStore or Google Play Market.

How is Smart Teddy safe?

Smart Teddy was made for kids and we care about safety a lot. He doesn’t have mic or camera, there are no ads and contents is created with early development specialists.

Can children play with Smart Teddy independently?

Yes! Teddy comes with 4 interactive stickers with different activities, all Teddy’s paws are active, so you child can learn self-care and play independently

What is Smart Teddy Plus?

Smart Teddy Plus is our subscription plan that unlocks more games, activities, library, theme and festive content, and product features such as Schedule Set Up or motion sensor as well.

Shipping and Payment

Shipping options

You can check our delivery options at the checkout: USPS Standard (3-5 business days) or USPS 3rd Day (2-3 business days).

Payment options

You can pay with your debit or credit card. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx. If you have any special inquiry, please contact us by

Can I change my payment or delivery method

If you have any special inquiry for shipping or payment, please contact us by


Do you collect my personal data?

We don't collect any personal data, if you didn't let us. We will only use your personal data for the purposes for which we collected it. Please check our Privacy policy for this matter.

Do you track my activity?

No, we do not track any users information.

Do you sell personal data

No, this is against our Privacy policy.

Does Smart Teddy record my child?

We don't record you or your child. Smart Teddy doesn't have mic or camera in it.

Content & Features

What age-appropriate?

All of the content has been developed and approved by psychologists and education experts for children ages 3-6. This recommended age range is flexible, though, and the Teddy counts both younger users and kids that are a little older among his friends.

How often will I receive new content?

We release new content each week. Our content releases cover such topics as activities, library, games, festive content and theme weeks. This feature is available with Smart Teddy Plus subscription plan.

Can I upload content myself?

For the safety matter we don't allow our users to upload their own content. If you can't find your favorite fairytale in the library or you are looking for a particular activity, please write to us. We consider any requests we receive.

How do I update Smart Teddy?

Teddy has a Wi-Fi module, but he is not constantly connected to your network. In order to receive updates, you can connect the toy to your home Wi-Fi network using the app. Teddy will check for available updates and download them if he finds any. That means he can automatically update himself at night—all you have to do is leave the toy fully powered on.

Who is creating educational content?

All of the content has been developed and approved by child psychologists and early learning education experts.

What if my Smart Teddy
got broken/ damaged/ isn’t working

In which cases Smart Teddy can be replaced

You have thirty days to return your Teddy for a full refund if he doesn't fit you family, but we also have warrantee policy. Just send us an email at:

What is your warrantee policy?

If you are our Smart Teddy Plus user we will take care of your Teddy for as long as you have subscription. Just contact us via the app or by email at


When will my card be charged?

Depending on your subscription plan you card will be charged in a month, 6 months or a year. You can check your subscription status in your phone settings.

What is my commitment to membership?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. Please, feel free to contact us and share your experience at

What if I do not renew?

If you will decide to cancel your subscription, your Teddy will get back to his Basic version once your subscription expire.

Can my subscription be refunded?

Please contact us via the app or by the email: and we will review your case individually